Travel Thursday – Tuscany


We are heading back overseas to Europe for today’s Travel Thursday as we check out Tuscany, Italy. In particular, the Province of Lucca, Italy, and the small town of Barga.

The mountain views in this area are simply stunning. On the year I visited, it was early October and reminded me of the same views and climate of the mountains in North Carolina. If you love the mountain views in Asheville but love a picturesque European town like Bruges, then Barga and the Province of Lucca is the place for you to visit! It combines the best of both worlds.

Plus, one of my favorite things about Tuscany is it is home to one of my favorite types of wine… Chianti!

Where to Stay in the Province of Lucca

Unless you are visiting other Italian towns, you’ll most likely fly into Pisa to get to Barga and the Province of Lucca. It is about an hour drive from Barga to Pisa.

There are many options of hotels, resorts, and inns throughout this province. However, I stayed at Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco Resort & Spa, and it was absolutely amazing. The staff, food, and views were top-notch. I was there as an event planner and seriously the staff was a dream to work with! I highly recommend this resort!

Things to Do in Barga

If you stay at the above-mentioned hotel, there are tons of things to do right there. They have a spa, small shop, pool, and dining. Plus, they give great recommendations of places to go in the area.

The town of Barga is not huge, so this is a great place to spend a day. A few great things to see or experience in Barga include:

  • Strolling through the streets in the town – this is a great way to see the stunning architecture and find hidden gems!
  • Collegiate Church of San Cristoforo – if you love architecture like me, then you will love this Romanesque style cathedral.
  • Ristorante Scacciaguai – the food at this restaurant is so good!
  • Teatro dei Differenti – I didn’t get to see this one, but it was talked very highly of by the hotel.

Don’t miss next week’s Travel Thursday blog where we will visit San Diego!

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