Travel Thursday – Bruges

If you ever wanted to know what it was like to live in a fairy tale, then you need to visit Bruges (Brugge in Dutch) in Belgium. That was my first thought when I visited this quaint, picturesque town the first time. On my second and third visits, it remained exactly that – a fairy tale setting.

There was a movie filmed in Bruges called In Bruges that stars Ralph Fiennes and Colin Farrell. To be honest, the movie is a little strange, very violent, and has some intense language. However, the characters all reiterate the same setting Bruges looks like a fairy tale.

Fairy tale Setting

You might be wondering what makes me and an entire movie say this place is like a fairy tale? I would say it is rooted in the architecture. Every turn you make in the town brings about a picture-perfect view with the churches, buildings, and cobblestone streets. At night, lights cast a luminous glow on every building making the scenes even more idyllic.

I usually try to say I do not have a favorite destination as I love traveling so much! But, deep down if I absolutely had to choose… I would probably say, at least in Europe, Bruges is my favorite spot.

Not only is it stunning, but the people there are so nice. The restaurants in the squares boast some amazing food and drink options as well.

Hospital Turned Museum

Outside of its gorgeous views, another reason I love Bruges so much is it is home to artwork by one of my two favorite artists (more on the other artist in one of my August blogs!). That artist is Hans Memling, a Flemish painter from the 15th century. His painting, The St. John Alterpiece, is one of my two favorite paintings (again more on the other in August!) and can be found at the Memling Museum. I absolutely love the representation of St. John the Evangelist and scenes from the Book of Revelation in that triptych.

Even if his art is not your favorite, the fact that the museum was originally a hospital is very cool to see. Originally, Sint-Janshospitaal (St John’s Hospital) it was one of Europe’s oldest hospitals and is suspected to date back to mid-12th century.

So Many Things to See

There are so many cool and educational spots in Bruges, which only adds to the many reasons to visit! Here are a few of my favorites:

I look forward to the day I can visit this charming town again!  

Be sure to check out next week’s Travel Thursday blog on St. Kitts.  

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