Researching For Your Book

Researching Your Book

By Madi Rodgers, Marketing Assistant Researching your book is a very important part of the writing process. Your research is the foundation of your writing and is used to persuade readers to become more interested in your book’s subject. While researching, you may run into some snags. Citations, reliable references, acknowledgements, facts, dates, names, and … Continue reading Researching For Your Book

Poetry Pointers


By Sarah Fielders, Intern Poetry is the perfect place where you can express your feelings and ideas. Its distinctive style and rhythm allow for an almost melodic flow of the written word. Similar to visual arts, poetry has various meanings to different people. Writing poetry is not as simple as it seems. It either comes … Continue reading Poetry Pointers

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I started this site as an online portfolio to use for my writing career, but I will also be sharing various blog posts here. This blog will cover things like insight into my recent writing work, writing tips I've picked up along the way and other useful information I find that I think other writers will benefit from.