How to Set Goals

how to set goals

Can you believe it’s already April and the second quarter of the year? How are your 2022 business and work goals going? If you are a little behind on your goals or maybe didn’t even set any, then this blog is for you!! I’ll discuss all aspects of how to set goals for your business.

Why Set Goals?

You might be wondering why you should even set specific goals. Below are the top three reasons I recommend all business owners or professionals should set goals for themselves.

  1. Keeps you striving for ‘bigger and better’ things.
  2. Helps you determine where you need to focus to grow your business or yourself.
  3. Creates momentum and motivation for your business.

Now, that you know a little more about the why behind setting goals it’s time to discuss how to set goals.

How to Set Goals

First, you need to think about what it is you really want to achieve for your business or yourself. Those would be the beginnings of forming your goals.

Next, start with one goal you came up with and break it down into smaller more manageable goals to achieve.

Finally, you need to always ensure your goals are measurable. For example, instead of saying I want to grow my Instagram following, set a goal of I want to grow my Instagram following by 500 users by the end of the year. This could be an overall goal or a smaller goal under a large goal of doubling your social media reach.

Tips for Setting Goals

Below are a few tips for setting goals for your business in 2022.

  • Ask yourself why you want that goal. This will help narrow down if it’s really a goal you should be focusing on this year.
  • Try to be specific with your goals, especially ‘mini goals’ under a major goal.
  • Write them down – on paper. I know we live in a digital world, but physically writing goal down helps to imprint them in your brain better. In turn, is a small part of staying on track for that goal.
  • If you are struggling to determine how to reach a goal, then think of specific actions that help get you closer to the goal. This often will become your mini goals!

Tracking and Checking in on Goals

Remember above when I said you should always set measurable goals? Measurable goals mean you can easily track them. Furthermore, tracking goals allows you to know what you’ve truly accomplished.

I suggest you regularly check in on your goals. For mini goals, you should check in and measure them once a week. For major goals, check those at least once a month or once a quarter depending on the scope of the goal.

FREE Goal Planning Documents

Alright so if you read this far you’ve learned more on how to set goals. Not sure where to start? Never fear, I’ve got some freebies for you to help! Below are some downloadable documents to start your goal planning and stay on track in 2022. For each item, if you want to download click the double arrows at the top right, and select download from the menu.

Goal Planner – This document helps you set three major goals and action plans to achieve them.

Weekly Goal Planner – Set goals every week with this handy document.

Major Goal Breakdown – This final document helps you set a major goal and create action items, mini goals, and tracking methods for it.

I hope this blog and free downloads help you set and track your goals in 2022 – creating a more productive year! Need help with your marketing goals? Email me at to inquire about my marketing consultation services.

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