Poetry Pointers


By Sarah Fielders, Intern

Poetry is the perfect place where you can express your feelings and ideas. Its distinctive style and rhythm allow for an almost melodic flow of the written word. Similar to visual arts, poetry has various meanings to different people.

Writing poetry is not as simple as it seems. It either comes naturally to you or you sit for hours not knowing where to start. If you’re the latter, then here are some tips on writing poetry.

Three Tips for Writing Poetry

The first tip is selecting the right time to write. When I write poetry I have to be in a certain mood. If I’m happy and trying to write a sad poem, then it doesn’t usually come out the way I want it to and vice versa. So, instead I write my poetry when I’m feeling neutral. This gives me the ability to write any type of poem I want.

Secondly, noise levels impact your ability to write poems. When I’m writing poetry, I usually like it to be quiet and peaceful. But for those of you who do not like quiet, try listening to some music. However, I don’t recommend blasting all your favorite songs. Here’s why… when I’m writing poetry and trying to listen to my favorite songs, I end up getting distracted and start focusing more on the song. Therefore, if you really can’t stand the quiet, I recommend listening to instrumental music with no words. It simply needs to be music that doesn’t distract you.

Finally, my last tip is to write in an inspiring place. This place is anywhere that you feel most inspired. Whether it’s your bedroom, backyard, a park, or even the beach, if you feel inspired it is your inspiring place.

Writing poetry is a lot different than reading poetry. I personally don’t like reading poetry that much, but I love to write poetry. So, if you don’t like reading poetry, don’t be scared when you try to write it. Who knows maybe you’ll be a natural and end up loving it!

Below is one of my recent poems.

Morning Bliss

The water ripples in the sun,

The fish dance around having fun,

A cool breeze moves gently through the trees,

And the water splashes leaving drops on the trees.

The birds are singing their graceful song,

As the current moves gently along,

The water gleams with delight,

Begging you to come nearer with all its might.

But then I wake up and it was just a dream,

I couldn’t believe there was no stream,

But I guess I’ll always have my dreams,

Nothing is what it seems.

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