Where Do Writers Get Their Inspiration From?


I am often asked where do I get my inspiration from for my writing? The honest answer is… anywhere and everywhere! I know this seems like a blanket statement answer, but it’s the truth. Inspiration is behind every corner of your mind if you stay open to it!

How Do I Get Inspired for My Articles and Books?

The first step in finding inspiration is being open to letting it find you. Do not block yourself into thinking it can only come from certain people or places. After I open my mind to inspiration, I harness the places and people that inspire me.

What Are My Top Sources of Inspiration?

Here are my top six sources of inspiration.

  • Dreams
  • Ocean
  • Nature
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Storms


The subconscious is a powerful, and often underutilized, source of inspiration. The dream state is pure subconscious thoughts. This is when our mind goes to work through issues and fears. It is also when inspiration is in its purest form! I’ve had so many ideas come to me in dreams for books and articles.


Whether it is on a beach staring at the waves or being on a boat in the middle of the ocean looking at the horizon, nothing inspires me more than the ocean. Its vastness and tranquility provide me just the right peace to allow the ideas to flow.


There have been so many times I’ve been in a park enjoying nature and an idea hits me. Getting in touch with nature helps to bring about Zen. This in turn helps your mind get to a place where it is open to ideas and inspiration.

Photo by M. Gioeli Photography


Sometimes inspiration from family members comes from their own stories, or they remind me of my own stories. Occasionally, they happen to say something that triggers a thought that results in an idea. Its helpful knowing your family always is on your side and that support allows for a creative spirit.


These are the people who willingly choose to be by our sides no matter what. It should be no surprise that this support network provides a great place to find inspiration. They are also great for brainstorming and bouncing ideas around, no matter how crazy an idea might seem.


Like getting in touch with nature or being by the ocean, storms provide that connection to something bigger than ourselves. The sheer force of lightening and thunder gives my mind a jolt and allows me to focus. Meanwhile, rain provides a means for clearing my mind.

Whether you are writing a novel or a memo to your employees, inspiration is important to finding the right words that will resonate with your audience. Where do you find your inspiration? I’d love to hear about it so be sure to comment below with your top sources of inspiration!

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