Travel Thursday – Aruba

My first two Travel Thursday blogs were European destinations, this week I take you to one of my favorite spots in the world… the Caribbean! Some of my best memories are in the Caribbean. In my mind you simply can’t beat the warm sunshine, cool breezes, soft sand, and crystal-clear waters. There is nothing better than lounging on a Caribbean beach with a cold cocktail in hand! The first Caribbean location I discuss combines my love for Dutch culture and architecture with this laid-back, warm oceanside setting. Welcome to Aruba! Below are a few places I absolutely loved seeing on this small, but beautiful island.

Aruba’s Baby Natural Bridge

Unfortunately, the massive and impressive 100-foot Natural Bridge in Aruba was collapsed in September 2005. Luckily, the Baby Natural Bridge survived and is very cool to looking. It is located in Arikok National Park. If you love geology, then you will want to also check out the Aruba Lava Formation. Whereas, if you love history, then do not miss the Fontein Cave with its pre-Columbian cave drawings. The settings by the bridge and in the park are almost lunar-looking and make for very cool photo opportunities.a luminous glow on every building making the scenes even more idyllic.

California Lighthouse

For ocean lovers like me, visiting any lighthouse is a must. This lighthouse got its name from the steamship named California, as it wrecked nearby in 1891. It provides some amazing views of the island and ocean. Check out the Facebook page for more photos and facts on this impressive, historic landmark.

Arashi Beach

There are so many amazing beaches in Aruba. We stopped at Arashi beach and loved the calm, clear waters here. I will say it was pretty crowded on that beach though when we went in January 2019. Be sure to grab some cocktails at the Arashi Beach Shack. The Arashi Turtle was my favorite!

Three Aruba Tips from an Experienced Travel Agent at Astonishing Travel

Hiring a travel agent is honestly a must these days with the ever-changing travel rules. Plus, they know all the cool places and facts on pretty much everywhere it seems like. I’m happy to say Heidi Bocianowski, of Astonishing Travel, agreed to share some fun tips and facts on Aruba in this week’s Travel Thursday blog. Ironically, I met Heidi on a Disney Cruise where we went to Aruba!

1. Watch the kite surfers. If you haven’t seen this before it is so fascinating to watch. If you are feeling daring and inspired, you can take lessons and give it a try yourself. Boca Grandi, on the south-east part of the island, is where they have a competition each year. Another great spot for watching is closer to where many of the resorts are in the Palm Beach area. For those that aren’t sure, what it is… Kite surfing is a sport where you stand on a board and use a kite to catch the wind and propel you, turn you, and lift you in the air. 

2) See the island beyond the beach. I highly recommend taking a jeep or ATV tour in Aruba to truly experience the entire island. You’ll be able to drive right on sand along the coastline. It is beautiful and can’t be seen by a car. Tip: bring a bandana or mask (we all have those these days) because it gets dusty.

3) Enjoy the many great options for dining in Aruba. Make sure you try the Dutch pancakes, which is kind of between a crepe and pancake and so delicious. Did you know Aruba is part of the kingdom of the Netherlands? Can you name the other 3 countries that make up the kingdom? Also, take advantage of the options to eat with your toes in the sand. If you have kids this is great. Mine make sandcastles while waiting for the food and are so happy the entire time. 

Learn more about Heidi and Astonishing Travel by visiting her website, Facebook page, or Instagram profile.

Ready to book a trip with her? Email her at or call her at 845-724-3824.

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