Featuring Winston – 6th & Vine

I’m very excited to share a new blog series I’m starting called Featuring Winston. As I’m not only from Winston-Salem, but absolutely adore all this town has to offer, I’ll be showcasing some of my favorite local businesses in this blog. If you have a recommendation for a business that I should consider featuring, please email me at contact@suzyfielders.com.

For the first business of the series, I wanted to share a local Winston-Salem business that was special to me. Therefore, the first Featuring Winston blog is on 6th & Vine. Not only is this one of my favorite restaurants, but it’s where I got engaged in September 2020! I sat down with the owner to learn a little more about this amazing restaurant.

Meet the Owner

Kathleen Barnes, Owner, & Ebony Warfield, Executive Chef

The face behind this wonderful establishment is Winston-Salem native Kathleen Barnes. She has proudly been owner of 6th & Vine for sixteen years. Its namesake provides its location… 6th Street. Vine, of course, hints to their extensive wine list. Kathleen shares they chose that location because not only did she love the Arts District vibe, but due to the obvious success in the area for Sweet Potatoes original location.

Her absolute favorite part about owning 6th & Vine is the people she meets – both customers and staff. Both are like family to her. In fact, sometimes the two types of people intertwine. For instance, one of her current employees is the grandson of original and repeat patrons of the business.

What family doesn’t have the occasional communication problem? The closeness of their staff sometimes is the hardest part in the business Kathleen shared with me. But, she also said, “I feel very blessed to have such a wonderful staff. I’m so lucky to have people that always work together as a team.”

A new Executive Chef, Ebony Warfield, recently joined the staff. She has brought a lot of exciting new changes to the menu that customers are raving over.

Speaking of the menu, there are so many delicious dishes at 6th & Vine that it is often hard to pick a favorite. However, Kathleen said when it comes down to it her favorite selection is the antipasto and cheese platter.

Why Winston?

Outside of being from Winston-Salem, one reason Kathleen loves owning a restaurant here is the supportive business environment. She shares, “It is the best community as it is so incredibly supportive. Unlike many cities, our is not one fueled by competition but by encouragement from other business owners. As far as the restaurant community goes, I feel that Mary Hagland, of Mary’s Gourmet Diner, instigated our supportive environment. She always has and continues to inspire others and gather supportive people together.”

When Kathleen is not working at the restaurant, some of her favorite Winston-Salem spots include:

  • Fair Witness Fancy Drinks
  • Mojito Latin Soul Food
  • Cobblestone Farmers Market
  • Delurk Gallery

Martinis to Marriage Proposal

I’ve always loved 6th & Vine. Their food and drinks are always perfection. In 2019, I became slightly obsessed with their Dirty South martini. So much so, that it inspired this Winston-Salem’s best martini round up article I wrote for Winston-Salem Monthly magazine. I got my then boyfriend hooked on this restaurant as well. Knowing how much I love this place, he decided to pop ‘the big question’ here in September 2020.

Visiting 6th & Vine

There is no better time like the present to visit this wonderful Winston-Salem restaurant. Not only is their outdoor patio gorgeous day and night, but they are back open for indoor dining as well. Check out all the details below on how to visit or learn more about 6th & Vine.

Location: 209 W 6th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

Website: https://www.6thandvine.com/

Phone Number: 336-725-5577

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/6thandvine/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/6thandvine/

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