Travel Thursday – New Orleans

New Orleans

By: Madi Rogers, Marketing Assistant

New Orleans, Louisiana is a vibrant environment full of amazing things to do! My favorite part about the city is the atmosphere; the liveliness is incomparable, and the inclusivity of activities is unmatched. The Big Easy is filled with fun for anyone and everyone!

New Orleans

Things to Do in New Orleans

No matter where you stay in New Orleans, all locations listed are easily accessed by car, trolly, or foot! The area can be navigated by GPS, and the city is very safe during daylight hours. Even if you are interested in exploring the city on your own, I recommend taking a guided tour on your first day. This way, you’ll know your way around, learn the local history and traditions, and discover even more of the attractions New Orleans has to offer.

  • The WWII Museum – This gigantic museum contains some of the most intriguing information about World War II and has one of the largest selection of monuments in the United States.
  • The French Market – This is an open-air dining, arts, and shopping venue right by the beautiful Mississippi River.
  • The famous Bourbon Street is a must see for any first-time NOLA explorer! If traveling with underage guests, I recommend a daytime walk through this area of the city.
  • Evening River Boat Cruise – Feel the history of America’s Mighty Mississippi aboard the famed steam powered paddle wheelers!
  • Cafe Beignet – This is the ultimate place for a tasty treat!
  • Jackson Square – You can surround yourself with history, beauty, and local artists here.
  • The Garden District – This place is home to centuries old live oak trees, and many celebrity’s famous homes.
  • A ghost tour! – Explore cemeteries from the movies, experience voodoo, and be on the lookout for pirates with this exciting tour!
  • Mardi Gras World – It is the best way to experience the culture of New Orleans, and the well-known Mardi Gras festival, without the crowds.

These are only a few of the beautiful and fun attractions to see while in New Orleans. There are so many other sites to explore in The Big Easy!

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