Featuring Winston – Urban Pioneer Photography

Urban Pioneer Photography

Are you ready to learn about another amazing local business in my Featuring Winston series? I’m excited to share this one is on a really cool real estate photography business. I interviewed David Phillips of Urban Pioneer Photography for this blog. He shared all about his business, including their unique virtual tours and drone photography services. Each service he provides allows for a more intimate prospective of properties and lets potential buyers see a house in a whole new way!

Meet the Owner

The face behind this locally owned business is David Phillips. He used to be a property manager and got interested in real estate photography about 10 years ago. While working in the business he quickly realized that well kept homes leased faster. The best way to show people those beautiful homes was through photos or videos. As you can imagine he then knew he’d need to get a good camera and gear to capture those images.

David shares on that initial purchase to now. “I purchased my first nice DSLR camera with a wide angle lens at the time and started taking my own photos. Then, around three years ago I started taking photos for a local firm and its agents. This helped me launch my own real estate photography business. Now, I service clients all around the Triad and Smith Mountain Lake, VA area.  Photography has always been an interest of mine starting in college with an intro to photography course, so it’s real blessing to do for a living.”

Urban Pioneer Photography

Why Winston?

For this series, I always love to ask why they choose to do business and live here. David actually lives in the heart of Winston-Salem right in downtown. He loves that it is such a central location for the area and he can easily get to nearby towns and cities, such as, King, Kernersville, Advance, and even Greensboro. Not only is it convenient for work, but he and his wife absolutely love living downtown. He shares, “My wife and I have lived and worked in downtown Winston since 1999 and have loved watching the downtown area really grow and develop over the years. It’s been great!”

A Whole New Prospective

In addition to MLS photos, video and video production, web design and social media marketing services, Urban Pioneer offers two services that provide a completely new prospective. Those are aerial, or drone, photos and 360 virtual tours.

Drone photos provide what David calls a ‘wow factor’. “Drone photos really grab your attention because it gives the viewer a whole different perspective of the property and surrounding area that you can’t normally see. Once we have your attention your interest is up, you can keep clicking to see what the rest of the home looks like in the photos or virtual tour.”

 Speaking of virtual tours, the 360 virtual tours Urban Pioneer provide are high-quality, top-of-the line. They give you a feel of being in the home without stepping foot in there. This is great for homeowners who are relocating to the area or just beginning their home search! Check out one of Urban Pioneer’s 360 virtual tours by clicking here.

Urban Pioneer Photography

How Does Urban Pioneer Help Real Estate Agents?

Professional real estate photos save agents the time and hassle of trying to take pictures themselves. Plus, professional photos or videos provide a much higher quality, which gives the best impression to potential buyers.

Urban Pioneer sets themselves apart by their personal attention. David actually prefers to call, text, or email his clients for appointments. There is no automated system or messages to deal with. He always makes sure to get back to messages ASAP.

Additionally, he does his due diligent before starting a photo or video project. “I look at the property beforehand to see which direction it faces and what time of day is best to capture the home. I even look at the weather to see how that looks.”

More Details on Urban Pioneer Photography

If you are a real estate agent and looking to showcase your properties in the best light David and Urban Pioneer can help! David shares on his commitment to his clients, “I truly care about the end product and want the agent and sellers to be 100% satisfied! I don’t mind going back to get more shots if necessary and I love to get constructive criticism about my work.”

Website: http://urbanpioneer.net/

Phone Number: 336-978-1379

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/urbanpioneer27101

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/davelp007/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/davelp007

If you have a recommendation for a business that I should consider featuring, please email me at contact@suzyfielders.com.

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