Behind the Pen – Rachel Hoeing

Triad Moms on Main

I’m very excited to launch my ‘Behind the Pen’ series where I’ll be interviewing writers and getting them to share a little about themselves, their writing and advice for those who want to venture into the writing world!

Rachel HoeingMy first interviewee is Rachel Hoeing, co-founder of Triad Moms on Main. This is an amazing site for Triad moms to get resources and advice from other local moms. Rachel often writes many of the blogs herself on their blog and shared some great advice and insight!

What do you love about writing?

I love putting my thoughts on to paper. I love knowing that someone may read those thoughts and smile, relate, gain sympathy, gain an understanding, or laugh. It has also become a great outlet to me when dealing with something in my personal life. I have kept a diary since I was in 3rd grade. Sadly, once I had children, the diary entries became few and far in between. Writing for our website has given me that chance to somewhat “journal” again.

How did you get into the writing world?

Honestly I have always been a bit of a “math girl.” I am very Type A and I like concrete answers. But, when we started a website that would include blogs years ago, I quickly learned that writing wasn’t all that bad. As is true in my social circles, I always seem to have a lot to say, so writing about motherhood, children, local events, and more seemed to come naturally to me!

What top 2 challenges do you find in writing?

I always worry too much about what people may think. I worry that they will want to argue my points or may not agree with them, so I tend to over-explain.

My other challenge is sometimes finding the right words to connect to the emotion I feel when I am writing.

Where do you find inspiration for your article/blog ideas?

Since our website is specifically geared toward moms, I pay close attention to what moms talk about on a daily basis. I will come home from a gathering and have a mental list of ideas. I notice when moms ask each other about raising children and try to write about things that will be helpful to others.

What is… 1. The most challenging piece you’ve written & why and 2. Your favorite piece you’ve written & why?

  1. The most challenging piece I have written was a blog titled “And the World Keeps Turning.” I wrote it just a few short weeks after my mother passed away. It focused on the fact that my world was crumbling, yet the world around me continued. I summarized my mother’s battle with cancer and the last few months I spent with her. I cried the entire time I wrote, but it was so therapeutic. I hope that when others read it, they can relate, or at least come to appreciate their parents a little more if they are lucky enough to still have them on this earth. Click here to read the blog.
  2. One of my favorite blogs was nothing more than a list. A list of silly idiosyncrasies that I wondered if others shared as well. When I ran the blog, I quickly figured out that they did agree 100% and it was so fun to read the comments. I wrote the blog probably 8 years ago, and although some of the topics do not relate any more, there are still quite a few that I nod my head and laugh. Click here to read the blog.

Do you have any tips to writers on conducting interviews and/or drafting interview questions?

I would ask open-ended questions, as direct questions can often result in one word answers.

If you could give an upcoming writer, one piece of advice what would it be?

Write from the heart! Let the words flow and don’t worry so much about what others may think. They are your own thoughts and you are entitled to them!

Where can people go to see more of your work?

Final thoughts from Rachel on writing…

I have enjoyed writing so much more than I thought I would. I only wish I had time to do more, and dive into deeper topics. One day…

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